Aqua Air Employee Profiles

Dennis Renear is AAI’s Sales/Marketing Manager of the Saturation Diving Systems Division. Dennis’ extensive engineering contributions to the commercial diving industry in the past as well as his ongoing contributions to its future thru the ADCI various advisory committees as well as ABS advisory committees is paramount. Dennis has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in mathematics from LSUNO (know only as UNO presently.)

The majority of Dennis’ commercial diving experience comes from his former employer of 28 years, Subsea International. At Subsea he held positions ranging from chief designer, project engineer, project supervisor, proposal manager, quality control supervisor, engineering manager, and finally marketing manager. He also built over 30 Saturation Diving complexes with Subsea.

Dennis is a vital leader and member of the commercial diving community for over 41 years now, is well respected in his field.

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Dianne Cruze is AAI’s current President. Dianne met and married company founder, Rod Cruze (1942-2005) shortly after he started Aqua-Air. Believing in his abilities and goals, she left a management position with an international freight forwarder and joined Rodney in his quest to build the commercial diving supply business. Rod started out by building air compressors. From that product, they picked up major lines of diving equipment and continued to develop their own products. Today Aqua-Air supplies hundreds of different commercial diving products as well as Saturation Diving Systems and components worldwide.

Dianne keeps abreast of daily operations, handles areas requiring improvement, and keeps staff on target to meet deadlines. She oversees her current pet, Research and Development, and is grateful for a team-oriented staff. Dianne’s long term goal is to ensure the continued growth of the company and to pass the gavel to her next generation of management.



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