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Commercial Diving
11/23/20165 Commercial Diving Employers in the Gulf Coast

Below is a short list of reputable diving employers that you should check out if you are searching for a challenging, and lucrative offshore diving job with an underwater construction company:

10/20/2016Let's Talk About Deck Decompression Chambers (DDC)
 A decompression chamber is a pressure vessel used in surface-supplied diving to allow the divers to complete their decompression stops at the end of a dive on the surface rather than underwater.
09/6/2016 What is a Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC)?
 Hyperbaric rescue chambers (HRCs) are an essential piece of equipment while on a deep-water dive. Sometimes called a Hyperbaric Lifeboat (HLB), Hyperbaric Rescue Vessel (HRV), or Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC), these are essentially a sealed, pressurized diving vessel that can be used as a submersible lifeboat.
8/26/2016 What Are Ocean Engineering Courses Like?
 For those interested in the professional world available to ocean engineers, the best way to get started is to visit orientation sessions at accredited universities and learn more.
8/18/2016 The Commercial Diving Hall of Fame
 What does it take to be an outstanding commercial diver worthy of being honored in the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame?
7/27/2016 Why Are Colors Different Underwater?
 Have you met Roy G. Biv? If you've been underwater, you have. And he's making it hard to see everything around you ...
7/17/2016 Bauer Junior II & Oceanus Mobile Breathing Air Compressors
 Commercial divers can compare the Bauer Junior II & Oceanus mobile breathing air compressors here.
7/07/2016 Kirby Morgan' 455 Balanced Diving Regulator
 The Kirby Morgan 455 ballast regulator sets the new standard in surface applied diving regulators with very low worker breathing and absolute durability.
6/21/2016 6 International Diving Organizations For Professionals
 From conducting scientific diving for government agencies to saturation diving for offshore oil rigs, there are plenty of opportunities for divers to find work that compliments their skill sets and passion. Whether youíre from Boston, Berlin, Bangkok, or anywhere in between, if youíre looking to start your career as a commercial diver, consider these quality international organizations. 
6/21/2016 An Introduction to the Divers of the EPA

The responsibilities of EPA divers are eclectic, ranging from monitoring the health of fragile underwater ecosystems like sea grass, coral reefs, and kelp forests, to inspecting the contents of waste discharge from seafood processing plants and mapping illegal dumping sites.

6/11/2016 10 Things Deep-Sea Divers Know
 The life of a commercial diver is simultaneously mundane and dangerous. For those looking to make a career out of diving, here are a few pieces of sage wisdom as told from one diverís first-hand experiences. 
5/26/2016 Aqua Air Included in 'Sea Technology Magazine'

Aqua-Air's double lock decompression chamber was recently included in a recent issue ofSea Technology Magazine as part of a feature story about a custom catamaran Dive Support Vessel (DSV) built by Metal Shark boats.

5/19/2016 Best Selling Saturation and Commercial Diving Equipment

As a global, leading supplier of commercial diving equipment, complete saturation systems, sat tankage components and ancillary equipment that are built to last. From 'off the shelf' solutions to custom components, for more than 30 years, Aqua-Air has delivered world-class products designed specifically for the commercial diving industry.

4/28/2016 Types of Diving Helmets

Throughout the years, a variety of different diving helmets have been invented, many of which are still in use today.

4/27/2016 An In-Depth Look at Saturation Systems

Without using a saturation system, divers diving to depths of over 50 meters would need to stop in regular intervals when ascending back to the surface to avoid decompression syndrome, a condition in which gas bubbles can form in the diver's body because of reduced pressures as they move further towards the surface of the water.

4/18/2016 Shallow Water Diving Packages

Aqua-Air Industries offers shallow water diving packages that are tailored to your commercial diving company's unique needs. Packages also take into account your location, as different climates demand very different materials.

3/31/2016 4 High-Pressure Diving Air Compressors You Need to Know About

It's critical to know the major differences between high-pressure diving air compressors if you want to choose a product that best suits you and your needs. Whether you're looking for portability, durability, or affordability, there's a wide range of air compressors available that can help you meet your goals, and get the job done.

3/28/2016 Product Spotlight: Buckleys Bathycorrometer
  Aqua Air showed off the Buckleys BathyCorrometer at the Underwater Intervention 2016 trade show in New Orleans last month. Aqua Air is an approved reseller of Buckley's subsea equipment.
3/7/2016 Intro to Saturation Diving and Saturation Diving Systems

With the lucrative opportunities that commercial diving offers, it is not a surprise that recreational divers are looking into commercial diving as a viable career. However, it is important to know the nitty-gritty of the field, including the potential rewards and risks of this underwater profession.

3/7/2016 What is Scientific Diving?

Scientific diving is done by scientists performing testing, research, and experiments to gather knowledge within an underwater area.

2/19/2016 Find the right underwater welding school for you

Many professional diving schools have underwater welding and hyperbaric welding training. Many commercial divers want to find a program that will meet all of their needs. Choosing the best underwater welding school for you means you must have a list of priorities and goals going in.

1/26/2016 The Dangers and Procedures of HAZMAT Diving

HAZMAT divers work in precarious conditions, and regularly expose themselves to radioactive material. However, the extreme dangers these divers face are minimized through intense training, durable commercial dive gear, and thorough decontamination processes.

1/26/2016 Underwater Welding: Protocol and Equipment

Underwater welding has two distinct forms: wet welding and hyperbaric welding. Both require specific commercial dive gear. Here's a look at how these procedures, and their equipment, differ.

1/25/2016 How to Become a Commercial Diver

Here are a number of points that should be covered in commercial diver training, as well as an extensive list of the professional diving equipment you will need.

1/25/2016 The 6 Types of Commercial Diving Jobs

There are 6 major job types for commercial divers, including offshore, onshore, HAZMAT, scientific, naval, and police. Here's a brief look at the salaries, risk levels, and work schedules of each.

5/26/2016 Aqua Air Attends Offshore Technology Conference
 Recently, several Aqua Air employees traveled to Houston, Texas to attend the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). Since 1969, OTC is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.
3/7/2016 Photos from Underwater Intervention 2016 in New Orleans
Representatives from Aqua-Air Industries took part in Underwater Intervention 2016 in New Orleans Feb. 23-25. The photos below are from last month's show.

2/19/2016 Aqua Air Ready for Underwater Intervention 2016
1/13/2016 Aqua-Air Industries will be exhibiting at the Underwater Intervention Show
 Aqua-Air Industries will be exhibiting at the Underwater Intervention Show Feb 23-25 2016- Booth 305. We look forward to seeing you there!
1/13/2016 Check out our latest AD! Contact us for all you diving needs!
4/2/2015 Aqua Air Industries celebrates its 43rd Anniversary in May 2015.
2/15/2015 Aqua Air Industries, Inc. exhibited at the 2015 Underwater Intervention Show/Seminar in New Orleans, February 10th - February 12th, Booth 305.
1/10/2014 Aqua Air Industries will be exhibiting at the Underwater Intervention Show Feb 11th through 13th 2014 - Booth 305
1/2/2013 Aqua Air Industries will be exhibiting at the Underwater Intervention Show January 15th through January 17th 2013 - Booth 305
5/2/2012 Aqua Air Industries celebrates its 40th anniversary.



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