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4 High-Pressure Diving Air Compressors You Need to Know About - Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's critical to know the major differences between high-pressure diving air compressors if you want to choose a product that best suits you and your needs. Whether you're looking for portability, durability, or affordability, there's a wide range of air compressors available that can help you meet your goals, and get the job done.

Take a look at these four high-pressure diving air compressors to determine which one is the best fit for you:

Vertecon High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor

These high-pressure breathing air compressors come from one of the world's most trusted breathing air system manufacturers. They are compact space-savers, and are designed for easy, routine maintenance.

Vertecon compressors come with a reliable and time-tested Bauer breathing air purification system. The modern cabinet design doesn't require any tools for typical maintenance checks, and fluid level confirmations make it easy to use.

These compressors are durable, through and through. Instead of cheap plastic tubing, you'll find 0.49 wall thickness, and stainless steel tubing throughout. This rugged unit is perfect for when you need a cabinet compressor that's built to last.

Basic Package II

While this package may be basic, it's not wanting for durability or standard compressor features. The Basic Package II is built for situations that require horizontal configuration with an entry-level price tag. It's a very good value, satisfying basic needs without breaking the bank.

Like the Vertecon -- though with a lower price point -- the Basic Package II comes with a Bauer air purification system, and useful maintenance accessibility. It requires no hand tools for maintenance, and has a stainless steel tubing and powder coat finish. Also, like the Vertecon, it comes standard with the easy-to-read Bauer PLC controller four-line display.

Though the Basic Package II has fewer bells and whistles, it has a plethora of factory-installed accessory options, including a purification upgrade, CO monitor, SECRUS, and many more, all available upon request.

Junior II & Oceanus Portable Compressors

The Junior II and Oceanus Stage 3 portable high-pressure breathing air compressors are safe, well-designed compressors with superior portability. With a top-notch air purification system and fill hoses standard, they're built for the serious diver.

While both models come with the Bauer P0 breathing air purification system, belt guard, vibration isolators, and a five-foot fill hose assembly with SCUBA yoke, the Oceanus model offers a bit more with its compact size. It's capable of filling and maintaining containers up to a two-cylinder 5000 psig DOT. The Oceanus includes corrosion-resistant coolers and a stainless steel frame, making it able to withstand the potentially rough conditions portable compressors may encounter.

Dive Mate 3 and 4 State High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor

The Dive Mate, a portable, three- or four-stage breathing air compressor, offers consistently reliable air purification. Mounted on a frame with a handle and wheels, it comes in three sizes, making it a versatile purchase for most any buyer.

The compressor comes with stainless steel intercoolers, a high-temperature switch, vibration isolators, and a variety of factory-installed accessories.

Whatever your needs may be, there's a high-pressure diving air compressor that can get the job done with features that make life easy. If you're interested in making a purchase, give Aqua-Air a call today. As an international supplier of commercial diving equipment, Aqua-Air can get you the tools you need at the price you can afford.


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