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5 Commercial Diving Employers in the Gulf Coast - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Commercial diving is one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding professions. Unknown to many, this industry is a diverse field that offers a wide array of certifications, and specialized arenas that range greatly in terms of skill set, required experience, work hours, and salary.

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Some jobs that commercial divers perform include search and recovery, marine salvage, underwater inspection and repair, scientific research, and underwater photography, among others.

It is common for experienced commercial divers to seek a career in offshore diving, since it entails a higher monetary compensation than onshore or inland diving jobs. Thanks to the high demand for oil nowadays, many jobs for offshore divers have opened up in multiple U.S. locations. Working on oil rigs often provides the highest salary for offshore diving, but the schedules can be demanding, usually requiring up to 12 hours of work each day for 4 to 6 weeks at a time.

Below is a short list of reputable diving employers that you should check out if you are searching for a challenging, and lucrative offshore diving job with an underwater construction company:

Oceaneering International, Inc.

Located in Houston, Texas, Oceaneering International, Inc. provides oilfield services to the offshore oil and gas industry. It offer jobs in a variety of areas, such as drilling, ROV services, and platform repairs, among others. The company boasts its Diving Support Vessel fleets, the youngest in the Gulf of Mexico, which include dynamic positioning systems. Eligible employees enjoy multiple benefits, including life and disability coverage, retirement investment plans, and paid vacations for full-time divers.

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EPIC Divers and Marine

Headquartered in Louisiana and Texas, EPIC Divers and Marine has been servicing oil and gas companies since 1972. With a large team of divers, and a modern fleet of construction, and dive support vessels, this company is worth looking into. You can vie for positions in underwater construction and inspection, platform and pipeline service, and marine salvage. Aside from competitive salary packages, EPIC also offers its employees group health insurance, employee assistance programs, and a 401(k) retirement plan.

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Harkand is another offshore diving company out of Houston, Texas that provides services to oil, gas, and renewable energy industries. This competitive company is actively searching for ambitious, and talented people to join their massive team of commercial divers. At Harkand, you can explore job opportunities in infrastructure support, light construction, and decommissioning operations. Aside from industry-competitive salary packages, the company also offers its employees fast promotion, paid travel, and flexible vacations.

Chet Morrison Contractors

Chet Morrison Contractors is strategically situated in the Gulf of Mexico with its U.S. corporate office in Houma, Louisiana. Another company that services the oil and gas sectors, it provides a wide array of offshore services, including heavy rigging operations, platform commissioning and decommissioning, and offshore equipment installation and removal. Chet Morrison takes pride in its company culture, which its executives claim is highly conducive to motivating their personnel. Its diverse workforce enjoys such benefits as medical insurance, prescription drug plans, long- and short-term disability plans, and a 401(k) retirement plan.

Ranger Offshore, Inc.

Since 2008, Ranger Offshore, Inc. has been providing marine and subsea construction support services to the oil and gas industry. Based in Houston, Texas, this company manages its operations in the Gulf of Mexico from a Galveston office. It recently acquired strategic diving assets from Technip USA, which are used in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean for diving support construction services. Aside from a competitive salary, and insurance benefits, commercial divers also get to take part in a comprehensive training program, and earn industry certifications.

These companies are just a few of the many underwater construction employers in the Gulf Coast region that continue to seek able, and proactive commercial divers. Apart from great credentials, you must also foster a flexible, and adventurous mentality that is open to learning new things when you take on the job.


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