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Aqua Air Included in 'Sea Technology Magazine' - Thursday, May 26, 2016

Aqua-Air's double lock decompression chamber was recently included in a recent issue of Sea Technology Magazine as part of a feature story about a custom catamaran Dive Support Vessel (DSV) built by Metal Shark boats.

Sea Technology magazine is the worldwide information leader for marine business, science and engineering and has been the consistently recognized as the authority on ocean design, engineering and application of equipment and services for the ocean/marine industry.

The vessel featured in the article, the 75' Endurance DSV, is a purpose-built dive support vessel built for a Louisiana-based subsea service provider, Aqueos, which represents Metal Shark's first entry into the DSV market.

Mentioned in the article, Aqua-Air's 54" Double Lock, ASME/PVHO-1-2007 approved and stamped pressure vessel features two 30" I.D. O-ring sealed hatches, outer lock, door ring and forging ring with 316SS clad, double pivot hinges, four (4) 8" I.D. view ports, a sturdy I-Beam skid and all aluminum, removable deck plates. Aqua-Air decompression tanks are available in three sizes; 54", 60", and 72".

Custom sizes are also available by request.

For a complete list of specifications, design parameters, optional features and chamber accessories, please visit the product page on our website.

The Sea Technology magazine article described how Aqueos turned to Metal Shark to produce a vessel that could successfully manage the inherent hazards associated with live-boating, or the practice of maintaining a mobile (not anchored) vessel in support of dive operations.

Aqueos provides marine services such as subsea pipeline installation, inspection and repair, marine terminal installations and overhauls, and other diving and ROV services for oil and gas industry clients located in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific West Coast

The Endurance DSV, which Aqueos has named "SPLASH" (Special Purpose Live-Boating and Survey Hull) is a 75-ft. welded-aluminum pilothouse catamaran that has been designed to provide superior crew movement, visibility, protection and functionality. Metal Shark then equipped the vessel with an array of highly specialized systems to support live-boating operations.

On board, the vessel sports a massive dive tank rack, a 5,000 lb. capacity hydraulic crane and Aqua-Air's double-lock decompression chamber, located in the aft deckhouse, where it is easily accessible through a dedicated entry hatch. There's also a six-by-five jet pump, dive control station, Nitrox oxygen-enriched diving station, a video streaming system, diver hydraulics and hot water. The aft deck work area features 19'x22' of open workspace for dive operations and another 12'x22' of clear deck area forward.

Aqua-Air has supplied classically designed decompression chambers to the commercial diving industry for more than 30 years. Our chambers have become the industry standard worldwide.

A few of the most visible features of the Endurance DSV include dual, heavy-duty trapezoidal rubber rub rails protecting the vessel's welded aluminum hull and a large, all-glass pilothouse. Metal Shark's experienced in-house team of naval architects designed the vessel using complex 3D modeling software. This allows the team to manipulate bends, lightening holes and incorporate aircraft style construction practices throughout the design to reduce overall weight while also enhancing structural integrity.

Speaking of visibility, the vessel's unique octagonal pilothouse, made with automotive-style fitted pillarless glass, provides 360 views with almost unimpeded field of vision -- a definite asset for positioning the vessel during diver operations or for maneuvering alongside offshore rigs or other vessels. The Endurance DSV also comes with port, starboard and stern rescue zones, a diver recovery system and a deployable 11-ft. rigid inflatable boat (RIB) for diver recovery.

Designed to be self-sufficient during extended missions offshore, the Endurance DSV has two onboard 65-kW generators and a domestic reverse-osmosis system that converts seawater to fresh water for drinking, showering and the rinsing dive equipment.

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