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Bauer Junior II & Oceanus Mobile Breathing Air Compressors - Sunday, July 17, 2016

Of the many important things that go into a successful and safe dive, none is more important than air.

Recreational divers on vacation don’t put a lot of thought into how or when their oxygen tanks get filled. But for professional diversand dive shops, the compressor (or breathing air compressor) is perhaps the most important tool at their disposal.

Given how vital compressors are to the commercial diver, you should only trust the highest quality air compressors available. Below, we’ll discuss two of them - the Junior II and Oceanus Mobile Breathing Compressors by Bauer.

Junior II


With over 100,000 units in use across the globe, the compact Bauer Junior II is the world’s bestselling scuba compressor and a classic tool for any professional diver. Its small dimensions and powerful compressor block make the Junior II a versatile air compressor perfect for respiratory applications. Thanks to a balance between weight and performance, the Junior II is a staple compressor for divers, relatively easy to use, and a must-have for professionals.

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The Junior II model is also available in an Electric 200V Yachting edition. This variant of the Junior II is a lightweight, three-stage portable scuba compressor perfect for diving instructors and scuba enthusiasts. This model comes complete with an air purification system, fill hose and a standard filter cartridge. Moreover, the filters on this (and the base Junior II) are inexpensive and easy to switch out, getting you back in the water as quickly as you’d like.


The standard Junior II is available in single phase 115/230 VAC and three phase 230/460, and can be powered by VAC electric motor, gasoline, or diesel engine drive.




If you’re looking for a robust and powerful compressor, then you’d want to give the Oceanus a good look.

Despite being about the same size as the compact Junior II, the Oceanus can fill up an air breathing cylinder nearly 40% faster - this compressor can deliver a steady flow of air at a rate of 140 liters per minute. Thanks to piston rings made of high-grade plastics, the Oceanus is highly resistant to rust and wear. Its durability even makes the Oceanus compressor fit for work in tropical climates.

The Oceanus comes equipped with a generous oil reserve in the crankcase and a powerful oil pump, meaning that operating this air compressor is possible even at oblique angles up to 20 and 30 degrees (depending on the fuel type). Overall, this compressor model boasts a fantastic combination of lightweight, toughness, and power, making it a superb choice for the more challenging professional applications a diver faces.


Like the Junior II, Bauer’s Oceanus is available in single phase 115/230 VAC and three phase 230/460, and can be powered by VAC electric motor, gasoline, or diesel engine drive. Also similar to the Junior II, the Bauer Oceanus comes with an easy-to-use filter system (which uses inexpensive cartridges) and filling hose.

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