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Best Selling Saturation and Commercial Diving Equipment - Thursday, May 19, 2016

Saturation Diving Equipment

Saturation diving equipment allows commercial divers to safely work subsea for days or weeks at a time without increasing the risk of decompression sickness.

In 1957, Dr. George Bond, then director of the U.S. Navy Submarine Medical Center, discovered that human tissues will eventually become completely saturated with inert gas after being exposed to it for a certain amount of time. Once saturated, the tissues would not absorb any additional gas.

Saturation diving equipment

In practice, when a diver goes down to a particular water depth using mixed gases for breathing, there is a saturation point that is reached when the decompression time required following the dive will remain the same regardless if the diver was submerged for an hour, day or week.

Some of Aqua Air's top saturation and commercial diving equipment includes:

Saturation Diving Equipment: Double-Lock Decompression Chamber

The AAI Double-Lock Decompression Chamber features 316SS clad, double pivot hinges, outer door forging, studded outlet, (4) 8" I.D. view ports, (3) sound powered phones and air silencers inside and out. Built to current ANSI-ASME/PVHO-1-2007 approved standards as a stamped pressure vessel (135 psi.) the unit is built on sturdy I-beam skid with aluminum, removable deck plates. Aqua-Air builds a 54", 60" and 72" chamber, each 12' 4" in length. Custom tankage is also available.

Saturation Diving Equipment: Air compressor

Designed for heavy-duty service, the AAI 5120 Air Compressor package features a Quincy 5120 basic two-stage, pressure-lubricated, 200 psi. low pressure compressor powered with a Kubota diesel engine. All Aqua-Air compressor units feature the Quincy QRB which certifies that the unit has an oil carry over rating of 2 parts per million. This American-made product meets the highest standard of workmanship and performance in the industry.

Saturation Diving Equipment: Air Compressor Package

The AAI 325 Air Compressor package features a Quincy 325, two stage, 2 cylinder, 200 psi. low pressure compressor powered by either a diesel or gas engine. Recoil starting is standard. The compressor and engine are supported with vibration isolators on a separate inner base and enclosed in a marine grade 6061 aluminum skid frame with a drip pan and fully covered belt guard. The AAI 325 unit is easily moved either with 10" solid tires or a single point lift eye.

Saturation Diving Equipment: Hot Water Units

The AAI Heat Wave and Mini Heat Wave electric hot water units are capable of heating seawater and freshwater with a flow of 12 gpm. with an adjustable inlet pressure from 0 - 15 psi. The unit has a temperature range of 72F to 137F with plus +/- 20F (30c to 66c with +/- 2c) controls. A single boiler heat exchanger is required using a single pressure vessel with over pressurization devices. plus +/- 20F (30c to 66c with +/- 2c) control. A CAT pump is also incorporated to boost the hot water supply to the diver at 450 psi. (31 Bars).

Saturation Diving Equipment: KB Dive Helmets

The Kirby Morgan®97 Dive Helmet features the 455 balanced regulator and quick change communications module available with either bare wire posts or waterproof connector, providing easy, efficient maintenance of the communications equipment. The rugged, stainless steel helmet shell requires no refinishing and eliminates the need for threaded inserts to secure the port retainer to the helmet shell.

Saturation Diving Equipment: Guardian FFM

The Guardian line of Full-Face Masks (FFMs) from AAI represents many Ocean Technology Systems' most recent innovations. Designed to meet the demanding needs of today's commercial/professional diver, the Guardian masks include many of the best features found on other FFMs with a bevy of unique features designed by OTS. Made from a single piece, the non-rigid silicone skirt is combined with combined with an injection-molded, high-impact, glass-filled ABS plastic frame and regulator housing. A double face-seal and slightly smaller oral nasal cavity will fit most faces. The mask, available in several color combinations, also features a removable 2nd stage for easy cleaning and storage.

Saturation Diving Equipment: open Bottom Bell series

AAI's Class II Open Bottom Bell Series has become a standard piece of equipment in the commercial diving. Ever since diving industry safety regulations require a bell in working depths of 220 feet of sea water (FSW) or 2 hours in water decompression, Aqua-Air's Class II bells have been proven to be rugged, dependable and affordable solution for providing a safe haven with emergency breathing gases and a safe, stable and comfortable platform for divers to decompress.

Adding a work platform to the bell for extra tools, shackles, nuts and bolts, and other items needed on site, increases a divers productivity and reduces unproductive bottom time.

Saturation Diving Equipment: LARS

The Aqua-Air Industries Shallow Water Launch and Recovery System (LARS) with optional Class II Open Bell has a system safe working load is 2,850 lbs. with additional safety factors for operational conditions. The AAI LARS System is mounted on a 14' x 7'6" base made from wide flange steel material and designed in accordance with the ABS Rules for Building and Classing Underwater Vehicles, Systems and Hyperbaric Facilities.

Saturation Diving Equipment: 2-Man Diving Bell

The Aqua-Air Class II Open Bell (1 man and 2 man models) with LARS System designed working load is 2,200 lbs. with additional safety factors for most operational conditions. The system is mounted on 14' x 7'6" base made from wide flange steel material. The Control Console provides operation of the hydraulic cylinders and winches.

Bell Launching System

The Aqua-Air Bell Launching System incorporates an "A Frame" on the structure, bell winch, power sheave and guideline winch. The winches and the spool with hydraulic clamp are controlled from the bell control room. The power system and support equipment is designed for 100% of the designed load.

diesel powered hydraulic power units

AAI's diesel powered hydraulic power units (HPUs) help keep your on-board hydraulic systems running strong. Due to differences in their torque-speed ratings, electric driven hydraulic power units are sized differently from HPUs powered by gas or diesel engines. With all other things equal, the power rating of a gas or diesel powered unit will be more than twice as much as an electric one.

diesel HPU

AAI's diesel HPU's are available at 12-14 GPM with a 40 gal hydraulic fluid tank. Other features include 3-gallon fuel tank, dry air cleaner, 50-micron stainless steel suction strainer, built in flow control with an adjustable relief valve, low pressure return filter and indicator, and a glycerin filled 3,000 psi. pressure gauge. The HPU is housed on a tubular steel skid with drip pan. Optional features include an hour meter, air or electric start.

Air Diving Command Center

The AAI Air Diving Command Center is a multi-component integrated air/gas console unit. Purpose built, the console is designed to keep all of the most important components within the operators reach at all times, allowing the operator to maintain control of all diving operations simultaneously. The Air Diving Command Center console can be customized to each customer's specific need by replacing any number of the various components with another. The AAI console's versatile and unique design makes it a necessity for any diving operation interested in safety and efficiency.

AAI 3 Diver Gas Console

The AAI 3 Diver Gas Console was designed to be simple. With a simple turn of a crossover valve, the console can operate with the input supply valves open without back pressure causing different gases to mix through the regulators. The regulator design also gives the operator the option of isolating a regulator by turning a single isolation valve. The downstream/low pressure side of the panel is all " brass tubing (stainless steel tubing optional). The low pressure inlet to the divers supply also has a " Circle Seal Check Valve, which prevents a HEO2/HP air contamination if a cross over valve is left open by the operator by mistake. Each diver has an independent shut-off valve/line pressure gauge. The diver's output supply has a " check valve so Nitrox can be introduced outside of the console for decompression purposes. Gas analysis for the divers' supply gauge can be monitored during the whole dive.

Aqua-Air's Umbilical Assemblies

Aqua-Air's Umbilical Assemblies can be custom designed to fit any customer specification. Offered in 3, 4, and 5 part, our twisted umbilical consist of purpose-built hoses and cables (DCS range) and is twisted up into "rope like" constructions to provide all communications, video and power requirements. Our DCS0001 communications cable offers an inherent fiber strength braid as the umbilical "lifeline".

AAI also supplies a full line of Bell Excursion, Main Bell Umbilical and Fibron Diver, Tooling, Welding and Burning umbilicals.

AAI Burning Torch Assembly units consists of 300/600 feet of PVC-K1156-3/8" Hose, 2/0 Welding Cable (married every 6" with 6 wraps of 2" duct tape) and an AAI-Craftsweld, Arcair® or Broco® torch.

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