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Kirby Morgan' 455 Balanced Diving Regulator - Thursday, July 7, 2016

When it comes to diving equipment, Kirby Morgan is one of the manufacturers who consistently get it right.

Originally founded in 1969 as Deep Water Development (and later rebranded as Diving Systems International), the Santa Maria, California-based Kirby Morgan Corporation has been dedicated to developing lightweight, high-quality, professional diving gear for decades. Though the name of this company has changed, the firmís dedication to quality diving gear certainly has not. Here, weíll discuss one of this prestigious companyís highest-quality products: the 455 ballast regulator.


The Kirby Morgan 455 ballast regulator sets the new standard in surface applied diving regulators with very low worker breathing and absolute durability. The 455 is a downstream balanced poppet design, Kirby Morgan uses the latest versions of 3D solid modeling software and the newest 3D printers available to create this ballast regulator. The highest grade 316L stainless steel is used for the regulator body and making internal parts, making the 455 very tough, highly corrosion resistant, and reliable. CNC machining produces production parts for the regulator that are cost effective and at a very high level of accuracy, ensuring that each 455 is as rugged as it is easy to disassemble for maintenance.


Kirby Morganís outside vendors also use a variety of high tech production methods, using top-of-the-line equipment, such as very accurate laser and waterjet cutting machines, to ensure that all 455 regulators are finely and precisely crafted. Each 455 balance regulator is assembled by a Kirby Morgan certified technician. They adhere to an exacting procedure, followed by documentation of each individual unit. This reinforces emphasis on quality control for every unit.

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In the Kirby Morgan control lab, highly trained engineers push the 455 regulator to the extreme just as easily as they can create normal conditions, where they may find minute details that may require more attention and fine tuning. The smaller the breathing room, the lower the worker breathing, and the closer it gets to zero breathing resistance - meaning that you wonít have to exert any additional effort while using the Kirby Morgan 455 in the field. But a machine recording data and measurements canít tell you how it feels to wear this fine piece of equipment in the water - manned testing is also an important part of the process. 

The 455 regulator will fit nearly all Kirby Morgan helmets and band masks. Any model using a SuperFlow 350 can easily be converted by simply removing, and directly replacing, the regulator. Like the widely used SuperFlow 350, the 455 Balanced has a multi turn bias adjustment that allows the diver to compensate for variations in supply pressure and changes in physical attitude. When it comes to professional diving applications, few pieces of equipment meet the sterling performance benchmarks the 455 regulator sets.


Whatever type of job youíre doing, itís nice to know you can concentrate on that, and only that, rather than the air you breathe. The Kirby Morgan 455 Balanced Regulator offers that level of quality assurance - itís what you get when all the best come together.



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