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Let's Talk About Deck Decompression Chambers (DDC) - Thursday, October 20, 2016

What is a Deck Decompression Chamber (DDC)?

Think you're under pressure when you're on the clock at your office?

Think you have to "decompress" when you get off work at the end of a long day?

Commercial divers are literally under pressure while they are working deep under water. Also, unlike most professionals (who can easily leave their workplaces at the end of the day), commercial divers must properly decompress to adjust to surface pressure.


Aqua Air Industries is a leading provider of Double-Lock Decompression Chambers. Our decompression chambers are engineered and built to the most rigorous industry standards to ensure safety and operational efficiency for all users.

Typically, decompression is done in-water, and is perhaps one of the most dangerous aspects of a diver's job. Fortunately, deck decompression chambers exist to help assist divers with this process.

A deck decompression chamber (DDC) is a pressure vessel used in surface-supplied diving to allow the divers to complete their decompression stops at the end of a dive on the surface rather than underwater. This eliminates many of the risks of long decompressions underwater, in cold or dangerous conditions.

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The Aqua-Air DDC is completely outfitted and tested. 


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