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The Commercial Diving Hall of Fame - Thursday, August 18, 2016

Commercial Diving Hall of Fame

Earlier this year, Mike Von Alvensleben, a former Navy SEAL and former faculty member of Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technology Department, was inducted into the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame at the annual Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) convention in New Orleans.

Commercial Diving Hall of Fame

Mike Von Alvensleben from Kirby Morgan Pro Dive Center has been inducted into the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame

While Von Alvensleben was chosen for the Hall for "creat[ing] the molds that helped shape thousands of divers' careers and made our industry and program safer”, his accolades raise an interesting question: What does it mean (and take) to be inducted into the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame?

It may not have the same glamor we often bestow upon the Halls of Fame for rock music and basketball, but in the professional world of commercial diving, recognition by the hall is an honor without equal. Since 2005, the Association of Diving Contractors International has inducted selected nominees into the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame, recognizing the women and men who have left a positive and lasting mark on commercial diving.

Before the Hall of Fame was established, however, there was another way outstanding commercial divers were honored. In 2004, a decision was taken by the Board of Directors of the ADCI to establish the Hall of Fame with the first group of inductees being those individuals who had previously been awarded either the John B. Galletti Memorial Award (established in 1978), or the Tom Devine Memorial Award (established in 1995). The initial group numbered 33 individuals and one additional dedicated Hall of Fame selectee to represent 2004.

Since then, however, the number of nominations has steadily decreased over the years. Whether this is due to a lack of understanding about what induction into the Hall of Fame represents among the commercial diving community, that individual achievement is less likely to be noticed as the global community of divers grows (because individual divers hail from smaller nations with less-developed diving communities), or some combination of these factors, there are fewer contemporary divers today receiving the official recognition they deserve for the work that is being done to better the global commercial diving community.

hall of fame diving

Not everyone is qualified for the Hall of Fame ...

Nevertheless, there are still a plethora of excellent professional commercial divers that have made their mark on both local diving communities as well as the global community at large. These may be women and men who have themselves been commercial divers; developers of equipment, contributors to the medical sciences used to keep divers safe from the rigors of diving, safety professionals who recognize and alert divers to on-the-job hazards, individuals who establish companies to employ commercial divers, or others who produce improved tools for use in underwater environments.

If you know of an outstanding commercial diver worthy of being honored in the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame, who should be recognized for lasting contributions to the field, be sure to visit the ADCI website and fill out the nomination form. The ADCI office is accepting nominations until October 31, 2016. There’s no time like the present, so hurry to fill out those ballots now!

Oh, and lest we forget: Aqua-Air Industries founder Rodney Cruze was nominated into the prestigious ADCI Commercial Diving Hall of Fame in 2006 due to his extensive knowledge, wide-ranging diving experience, and his development of superior diving equipment that he provided to the commercial diving industry, as well as his ongoing participation and support of the ADCI, its Chapters, and Underwater Magazine since their inception.








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