• TUP-TL Transfer Under Pressure Chamber - Transfer Lock Aqua Air Ind - Saturation Diving Equipment - Commercial Diving Equipment
  •  AAI 325 Compressor with Aluminum Frame
  • AAI 5120 Compressor Package Aqua Air Ind. - Commercial Diving Equipment - Saturation Diving Equipment
  •  AAI Mini Portable Hot Water System
  • AAI Heat Wave and Mini Heat Wave Electric Hot Water Units Aqua Air Ind. - Commercial Diving Equipment - Saturation Diving Equipment
  •  AAI Shallow Water LARS
  •   AAI 1000 ft Diving Bell and Launch System
  • Buckley's Bathycorrometer
  • Saturation DDC
  • Cutting and Welding Equipment
  • 54" Deck Decompression Chamber
  • Kirby Morgan 97 Helmet
  • Kirby Morgan 455 Regulator Kits NOW AVAILABLE
Aqua Air Industries, Inc. welcomes you. In order to meet the demands of the commercial diving equipment industry and to maintain the accelerated pace towards greater operational depth, we have utilized the knowledge and past experience of all our personnel to design and construct a Saturation Diving System that is safe, efficient and economical. Let Aqua-Air Industries supply you with all your professional commercial diving equipment needs.
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Complete Sat Systems, tankage, and components are available.

Kirby Morgan

The Morgan family and the Kirby Morgan team wish to thank
everyone for their condolences and kind thoughts on the passing of the
company co-founder, Bev Morgan.
Visit Kirby Morgan website to donate to Bev Morgan's favorite
nonprofit organizations.

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